How To Create The Right Vibe For Your Space
How To Create The Right Vibe For Your Space

October 23 2021

How To Create The Right Vibe For Your Space

Are you feeling the design bug that is going around this year? Winter is approaching in Calgary, and it's the perfect time to start thinking about redesigning a space in your house. So come on down to Showhome Furniture Calgary and browse our new Fall displays for some inspiration. You can also book our FREE Interior Design Consult and let the experts help you design your Showhome for less.

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When looking at the spaces, you want to design, look around and see if there is anything unique about it. 

Each room you design can have a secret ingredient to make it have that unique vibe. Think of it as that spicy dish that makes every taste bud tingle and sing. In the same way, the rooms in your home have some inexpressible energy—a vibe—that makes them or it more YOU.

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It's that pleasant feeling that welcomes you home! In some spaces, they are super colorful and passionate, and in other areas, they are very calm and peaceful.

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The question is: How do you find YOUR vibe, and how can you make YOUR space feel like YOU?

So many people struggle with these three questions:

  1. What do I want? 
  2. How do I achieve the look I want?
  3. What is my vibe, and how do I bring out myself in my decor, furniture and living area? 

*Showhome Furniture is here to help you with the questions that plague you at night:)

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The key is always to be yourself, keep the things that bring a smile to your face and let go of things that are nice but have little value to you. 


  • We recommend taking a day off life and going through your Pinterest boards or home and figuring out what you truly love and what you don't. 

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  • Try to think of the colours, textures and patterns you enjoy and incorporate them into your living space. 

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  • Now it's time to let your artistic side out! Take a couple hours and play around with your components such as:
  1. Pillows 
  2. Plants
  3. Old antiques and books 
  4. Side trays
  5. Baskets with colours and textures 
  6. Furniture pieces from Showhome Furniture :)
  7. Always add greenery!

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That's it! It's so simple, and it's a fun way to express YOURSELF!!

We hope this blog helped you with any questions you had about how to create YOUR perfect space. Thanks for shopping local:)