How to Make a Stunning Wreath for this Fall Season
How to Make a Stunning Wreath for this Fall Season

October 18 2021

How to Make a Stunning Wreath for this Fall Season

Three steps to creating the perfect fall wreath for all your guests to fall in love with. Showhome Furniture is here to help with this beautiful season:) 

Stunning Wreath in Calgary

The supplies you'll need to make a wreath include:


  1. Find a wreath that is big and round
  2. Florist Wire 
  3. Greenery Stems
  4. Floral Wire Cutters
  5. Scissors
  6. Pruners

Stunning Wreath in Calgary


You can find this all at any local shop such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby, HomeSense, and Walmart. Once we have all these components, it's time to start making your fall wreath! 

Stunning Wreath in Calgary


Go into the woods or a local florist and find ferns, pine stems, and other greenery that you're satisfied with..

TIP (I like to find greenery with different heights. It elevates and adds more finesse! Also, try to add lots of shades of the colours you will be using. Adding that will make the whole wreath pop and stand out.)

Stunning Wreath in Calgary


Take the sprigs of greenery you selected and wire one at a time along the length of the wreath you have chosen. Wrap the wire along the length of each stem, making sure to lift leaves as you go, so they don't get squished.

Stunning Wreath in Calgary

TIP (Make sure you have added the right balance of all your floral components to your wreath. You don't want to overdo it and take away from the beauty of simplicity.)

EXTRA TIP ( If you wish to add texture, I would recommend using pinecones and other earthy woods. They add more tones and make for a splendid organic look!)

Stunning Wreath in Calgary

We hope this gave you some great ideas and pointers on how to make the perfect fall wreath:) Showhome Furniture is here for you, and we can't wait to see you in our Store located at North Hill Centre, 1616 14 Ave NW, Calgary. Thanks for shopping local:) We also offer FREE Interior Design consultation that will surely make your dream home a reality.


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