How to Make Your Homes Summer Ready?
How to Make Your Homes Summer Ready?

July 14 2022

How to Make Your Homes Summer Ready?

Open up the windows and let the breeze in because the summer season is officially here!

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We love making our homes feel as inviting and bright as possible during this time of the year, and from the looks of our tagged photos, you all are doing the same. We’re taking notes from you, our loyal clients, on all the ways you’re incorporating Showhome Furniture pieces into your homes this summer. Read through below to see how you can make your homes Summer ready.

1. Bring Outdoors Inside.

Nothing says warm weather like decorating with flowers and plants. Flowers can be fresh cuttings or those of the potted variety. Small trees are also a great way to add a sense of the great outdoors into your home.

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2. Go Summer Natural

Use natural furniture to design your summer-ready homes. Wooden or rattan chairs make a beautiful counter stools on your kitchen. Shop for baskets in a variety of shapes and sizes—this will keep you organized and give your kitchen that natural feel. Search the neighborhood for branches, seed pods, and other nature-inspired elements to incorporate into your decor.

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3. Play with Furniture Placement

Remove a few heavy furniture pieces to create an airy, open feel, even in the smallest of rooms. Remember, less is more when it comes to warm-weather decorating. Redirect the majority of furniture focused on outdoor views rather than the fireplace or television.

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