How to Makeover your Bookcase for New Year
How to Makeover your Bookcase for New Year

December 17 2021

How to Makeover your Bookcase for New Year

Hey Showhome family! Don't you agree we all tend to think critically, perceive information and convert it into various ideas to bring into reality, read and enjoy different books, create something and even imagine things that are out of this world? – all this separates us from the animals. It took us ages to evolve from monkeys and expand our brain. And that is where books have served as the deepest sources of knowledge and wisdom.

Bookshelves in Calgary

It’s not only flowers, Canadian sofa and sectional, nice decor or pets that makes our house comfortable and snug. If you’re a bookworm or simply like to read something from time to time, you probably have a bookshelf covered with various books (or a separate room covered from floor to ceiling with books). Nowadays, there are lots and lots of different types of bookcases available and even wall shelves to store our beloved books. Some of them may look crazy though, but they only add up to the creativity of a house.


Bookcases in Calgary


It’s up to you to decide how to decorate your personal nook, but we are ready to provide you with some useful tips and ideas.

What are bookshelves for?

Bookshelves and bookcases are meant to organize space and save it up. But they also may help you bring some fresh notes to your interior. They must not be necessarily nailed into the wall or a floor. There are bookshelves that look pretty unusual, yet they do their part, storing different photos, books, and little things, so dear to your heart, that can tell an owner’s story.


bookshelves in Calgary

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s book character, genius detective Sherlock Holmes, could tell a lot by having cast just a glance at some inconspicuous things. Without bits and kits, a house looks almost empty. We may deduct that its owner must be a minimalist style fan. Still, it is rather strange.

Bookcases in Calgary

Having mood swings too often? We’ve got a solution for you. You can shape, wiggle and turn this Kenya Large bookcase as you want. Easy to transform, it will change the entire look of your room.  

Looking for a UNIQUE FUNKY PIECE? We have the Diamond Shape Wall Mounted Wall Shelves with a beautiful design that is sure to look amazing when you add some cracklin' accessories to it.

Diamond Shape Wall Mounted Wall Shelves
If reading is definitely your cup of tea, then don’t hesitate to throw a little tea party right in your room with this bookcase. Such a design will amaze your guests, for sure. And you don’t need to wash all those cups when finished; just don’t forget to dust and polish them when needed. It’s a perfect solution for those looking to bring in some fresh and bright notes into the interior.

Finally, if you’re somewhat geeky and the TARDIS isn’t just a combination of six letters for you, here’s an awesome idea. Make your books travel through time and relative dimensions altogether with you while you’re discovering new worlds reading them. Such things always help to lighten up the mood and the room itself, as it keeps your fantasy working all the time.

For real fans of comic books, here’s a nice idea to style a bookshelf. Become a Supergirl or a Superman today and start your honorable mission: read them all.

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