March 25 2020


Some of you may not know this but for 14 years we have homeschooled our 6 girls. They have travelled the earth with us picking out furniture, setting up furniture stores and doing fun service design projects and NOT so fun building projects 😳🤣 They are my best friends! BUT IT’S NOT EASY, we are a normal family with our ups and downs!


So here's some tips on how to survive during lock-down with kids! 😂❤️😳

1. A LOCK ON YOUR BEDROOM DOOR: Be easy on yourself... it is NORMAL to want to self-isolate yourself in your room! Do it when you need to.

2. Follow a schedule but be my kids grow older they stay up way later at night...and I let them sleep in as long as they want (my sanity)
So basically, we wake up whenever
Eat breakfast
Do chores (we divided the house up)
Music (this is casual they do this on their own)
School online (IXL And Khan Academy Teaching Textbooks, Duolingo and Starfall online tutoring)
Family fun, tennis, etc.
Singing and hanging out
Prayers bed...we let them stay up in their rooms.

3. Try to limit screen time, and monitor it (Disney circle) TikTok, Snapchat, IG need monitoring...for our family we don’t do social media until 17-18years old, that just works for our family:) They text and FaceTime and call their friends whenever. They watch a few movies per week but we don’t have a TV.

4. Create happy memories!🥰🥰🥰 snuggles, storytime, singing and playing games!

5. Bake as a family, plant a garden (an indoor garden is so fun!), do chores and listen to stories online (we love ODYSSEY and FOCUS ON THE FAMILY).

6. Crafts, art, pets, toys...have things to make your house fun!

7. Take time for yourself! Yoga, mediation, developing your talents
KNOW THIS MY FRIENDS staying at home is not easy but you are strong and can do this! This really can be a great experience and thru-out your days I promise you will find magical moments with your kids and it will be worth it!
PS...for some reason people are always interested in how we discipline our kids lol.

Ok, here’s our top parenting secrets.

We try our hardest to not raise our voices when we get mad we LOWER OUR VOICES AND TRY TO REMAIN CALM. We give consequences if our girls are fighting with each other. It may sound funny but if our girls are talking back or fighting we have them read SELF HELP BOOKS and write essays on kindness... OR DO LAUNDRY!

The way we get our kids to do their consequence is we say no privileges like movies, treats free time until the kids finish their consequence.

BE CONSISTENT...I can’t tell my kids to not yell or to be nice if I’m spazzing at them...deep breaths!

PPS...get the kids outside exercising, running playing sports with you during isolation. Letting off steam helps a lot!

PPPS...EAR PLUGS...use them when necessary, lol!
Anyways, hopefully, a few of these tips can help you survive 🙂 Luv ya!