What are the Latest Trends this End-of-Year Season?
What are the Latest Trends this End-of-Year Season?

November 09 2021

What are the Latest Trends this End-of-Year Season?

We LOVE the amazing new lights and chandeliers we have been getting in recently. The right light makes all the difference in a home. At Showhome Furniture we make sure that the lights we bring in are of the highest quality.

Dining Room Chandelier

We love the new trending colors, especially dark-colored ones! I recently painted one of my bedroom room wall a nice solid dark green. I was worried at first it would be too intense but was delighted by the results. The dark greens, cherry red, ultra violet and pinks are a fun addition to the decorating world. The thing we love about these new colors is the way they encourage us to be bolder in our decorating especially with our top-selling Rattan bed. There is no holding us back as this year is about to end!

Rattan Headboard in Calgary

Talking about not being held back-what about the new ‘feature ceiling’ trend?  It is about time that ceilings got more attentions! This year feature ceilings are a totally in thing and after browsing the internet for ideas it is easy to see why!  Seriously, why have we not paid more attention to our ceilings before? From wallpapering to beaming your ceiling, the sky is the limit on what you can do!

Panama Bed in Calgary

With six girls in our home, it is no wonder we adore cuddly couches and chairs (hence our love for our nest chair). Our basic leather sofas continue to sell at our Showhome furniture. They come in so many different styles, and truly hold up to the test of time, kids, and lots of use (plus, if you get the 5 year warranty, you are even protected against stains).

Tufted Leather Sofa in Calgary

Also with so many daughters, we have to admit that we all love our pillows!!! They are the perfect accessory to dress up a living room when you have kids and have your relatives come over. They are virtually unbreakable, you don’t have to worry about dropping them, they add color easily to your furniture instantly updating them and they are great for having pillow fights with! Well, at our home I discourage the pillow fights, but my husband... well let’s just say that he is always up for anything that seems fun!

Calgary Sectional

The seventh thing we love at Showhome Furniture in Calgary is extra large accessories like this awesome clock! There is something impressive about being big!

Calgary living room

We also are still loving our cow carpet! How can something so light weight make such a big statement? I don’t know why, but no matter the color or the pattern, we have found a hundred different ways incorporate beautiful rugs into our decorating.

Calgary living room

We love our awesome line of solid wood furniture. With so many colors to choose from, so many different finishes and just as many different designs, every house needs a piece or two of some solid wood dining table furniture.

Round Solid wood Dining Table

Some things always stays on our “Love List” and white furniture is one of those. We love our whites. We love colors, and decorate boldly, but we also love to use our classic whites. They are fresh, inviting and never go out of style.

Calgary sofa

Last but not least, we love our line of tuft furniture! Many pieces are custom made and every piece adds a sense of elegance to whatever room they grace. What is your favorite decorating trend?

Tufted Leather Sofa in Calgary

If you have trouble deciding which design trend you should choose for your home, Showhome Furniture can help you. Just Book our FREE design consultation, no purchase necessary.