LEATHER VERSUS FABRIC... the Endless Battle!
LEATHER VERSUS FABRIC... the Endless Battle!

November 16 2020

LEATHER VERSUS FABRIC... the Endless Battle!

Hello ladies!!

Shopping for a sofa is a big thing as this is a central spot for a gathering. When it comes to this major decision, first thing you have to consider is your budget, the couch’s life span and the way you live.

Picking one can get really confusing as you will be stuck between choosing a fabric over a leather sofa so it’s good to look for something durable even if it’s on a higher cost. The right sofa should set the tone of your space without compromising on comfort. Showhome furniture has awesome sales right now for Canadian made furniture.


Depending on the quality of the material, it can be tempting by looking at a beautiful material without considering the quality of it and how long it can serve you.

There are many ways to maintain a sofa. Most material of high quality comes with stain resistance finish that makes it easy to wipe off any unfortunate stains. Make sure you clean your sofa regularly to prevent it from any damage or any stains. Also keep your sofa out of the sun. If you have a vacuum cleaner, vacuum your sofa at least once a week this will keep the sofa free of dirt. Shift where you sit each time you use your sofa, this is to make your sofa firm.

Difference between a fabric and a leather sofa:


A fabric sofa is more comfortable than a leather sofa. It is made of cotton, linen, and wool. Also when it is mixed with synthetic materials you will find it easier to clean and when you sleep on it you will find it easy to breathe.

Since fabric products are widely offered and affordable, maintaining your couch can be easy for example you can use a vacuum cleaner or the sponge and soap to wipe so as to maintain the color of your sofa. Fabric couch have different lifespan in terms of wear and tear so the higher the quality of your sofa the less risk.


When you sit on the leather couch for a while it feels warm. However, they are firmer than fabric and more vulnerable to scratches and humidity. Make sure you buy the best quality of leather to determine the life span of it.

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It’s worth mentioning that leather is very easy to clean, but you may want to consider investing in leather softening or polishing products for long lasting term. There are cheaper leather and expensive once but you rather go for the expensive once with good quality to avoid cracks or fading. To get the best quality leather look for the ones marked full-grain, semi-aniline or aniline.


Stains are very common on the couches. For you to enjoy the beauty of your couch you need to maintain and treat the stains on the fabric or on the leather. Depending on the stain the first procedure is always the same. That is soak it up. Each fabric material has its own manufacturer’s instructions on different cleaning methods. But if the fabric is not of premium quality, removing stains might be tough.

On the other hand, leather seems to be easy to care for than the fabric. By wiping stains immediately after a spill you will save yourself of the tiresome work of scrubbing the difficult stains, hence maintaining your sofa. Keep in mind that different leather material will behave differently on stains, some may take time to come out some may not. Thanks to aniline and semi-aniline now you can have a better look of your sofa since it helps in maintaining and keep off difficult stains.


There are many factors to determine the comfort of a couch, it may be sinkable, straight-sitter or lounge worthy or maybe the type of textile and the support system like cushions. In that case you find that the fabric are more comfortable and subjective than the leather. Also appearance of the couch matters a lot, it may be cushy but with an awkward style which will make you not to feel comfortable. 


Before you choose between fabric or leather you need to put in the following factors in consideration:

If you keep any pets at home, it means that you have accepted the choice of having fur getting stacked on the fabric sofa, or even unsightly scratch mark. In this case you can consider leather since it's more resistance and easy to care for. But if you like the fabric sofa more, then it’s your choice.

It can be very stressful when you have little kids and you want to keep your lounge stunning. Some like to use Sharp objects, in that case better choose a sofa that has flappable cushions.

On the other hand, you can consider leather sofa because they are prone to accident of all stripes. However, you will find that the same leather piece will cost you the same, if not more as buying a high quality material.

Fabric couches are best when it comes to spring season because they accumulate dust particles or any other effects that may be brought by spring season. This is to prevent sinuses since leather sofas are hypoallergenic which makes them appropriate for people with allergies. In case of allergies you will need to turn to a professional cleaning, this will make you spend more money, time and effort.

Both materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. By the end of the day you have to choose which one you value the most, either the durability or the comfort. Your sofa can be determined to the kind of life style that you have.

The same way you maintain your self should be the same way you maintain your sofa, since it’s your long term companion. It may seem difficult when it comes to choosing between fabric and leather sofa, but remember you have to choose the one with the longest durability because you have so many choices to choose from

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