Living in Calgary: Transform Your Small Space into a Chic Haven
Living in Calgary: Transform Your Small Space into a Chic Haven

June 22 2024

Living in Calgary: Transform Your Small Space into a Chic Haven

Living in Calgary has its perks—stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and a lively urban scene.

However, sometimes, our cozy Calgary homes can leave us feeling a bit cramped. But fear not! With your creativity and the right furniture choices, you can take control and transform your small space into a chic, functional haven.

Here's how to make the most of every square inch in your home using Studio McGee's decorating style combined with Showhome Furniture magic!

Embrace Multi-Functional Furniture

When space is limited, furniture that works double duty is not just a friend; it's a lifesaver. Imagine the relief of having pieces that not only look good but also serve multiple purposes, freeing up space and adding comfort to your home.


Imagine a modern Calgary sofa bed ready to welcome your overnight guests, a trending coffee table that hides away your magazines and remotes, or custom Canadian-made ottomans that open up for storage or can be used as extra seating.

Yes, please!

These versatile pieces will save you space plus add elegance to your home. At Showhome Furniture in Calgary, we offer a range of multi-functional high-quality Calgary furniture perfect for any style and space for less!

Go Vertical

Utilizing vertical space is a smart strategy in smaller homes. Transform your space by adding tall bookshelves that will draw the eye upward, creating a captivating illusion of height and spaciousness.

Floating shelves are perfect for displaying your favourite decor without crowding the floor. Even the space above your doorways can be a hidden gem for storage.

In the kitchen, you can use magnetic strips to hold knives and metal containers, which frees up precious counter space. It's all about thinking up, not out.

Lighten Up with Bright Colors

Colour is your secret weapon in making a space feel bigger. Light and bright hues can open up a space and make it feel airy and roomy. Choose soft neutrals like white, beige, or light gray for your walls and large furniture. These colours reflect light, creating a sense of openness in the room.

Add personality with colourful cushions, rugs, and artwork to keep things interesting without overwhelming the space. It's the perfect balance of calm and character.

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Scale It Down

One common mistake in small spaces is choosing oversized furniture. In a compact room, size really matters.

Look for pieces that fit the scale of your space – slimline sofas, compact dining tables, and smaller chairs that don't dominate the room. Furniture with exposed legs can also make the area feel more open, giving the illusion of more space.

Always measure your room before buying new furniture to ensure it fits just right. This simple step is critical to keeping things proportional and avoiding the common mistake of choosing oversized furniture. In a compact room, size really matters.

Showhome Furniture is Calgary's top local family business, specializing in custom Canadian-made furniture and home decor, even for small spaces.

Decorating a small space is all about smart choices and a dash of creativity. Remember to apply these 4 major design tips, " multi-functional furniture, utilize vertical space, embrace light colours, and scale down your pieces". Doing so will allow you to create a functional space that allows for easy movement in your personalized design home, making your space feel much larger than it actually is.

The trick is to mix style with practicality, making every inch count. So, get creative and transform your cozy Calgary home into a stylish sanctuary.

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Incorporating these tips and high-quality pieces will not only liven up your space but also brighten your entire interior design and Calgary home renovation project.