Making Your Home Office Shine!
Making Your Home Office Shine!

January 20 2020

Making Your Home Office Shine!

Hey guys! With more and more businesses being started from home every year, it’s only a matter of time before you too need a home office! We’ve put together our best collection of home office tips to ensure that you get a space that helps you reach your big goals. A place where your creativity and energy can run free and a place where your dreams can come true! Regardless of the size of your home, you can create a work space that suits your needs AND looks amazing.

1. Choose Colors That Make You Happy

Color impacts mood, and mood impacts productivity. When considering colors for your home office, be sure to choose a palette that speaks to you. You want your office to feel fresh, clean, inspired and motivated. If you are going to spend 1-2 hours a day or 8-10 hours a day in your home office, you want those hours to FEEL good, so go with colors that give you that feeling.


2. Use Storage

All of know how frustrated we get when we are in an unorganized messy place. If you want your finances and your business to be profitable and organised, make sure that your office space is uncluttered and well organised. Storage furniture is going to be vital for this part of your home office. Set yourself up for success with excellent, simple storage solutions that will hide the mess. If you are wondering what storage pieces would look best in your home office, stop by our Showhome Furniture Store in Calgary Alberta for a free design consultation!

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3. Make It Work For You

If you are living in a small space, such as an apartment or bachelor pad you can still have a home office. Simply choose an area that can function for multiple purposes. It could be the other side of your kitchen table, inside your pantry or even in a hallway. Small spaces can still be great spaces for a home office.

4. If you Don’t have Space - Don’t Worry!

It’s okay if you don’t have a quiet, spacious room dedicated to your home office. A home office can be anyplace that you can work with a desk and computer. Sometimes creating a home office space in your home must be done in an unused corner of the house. Look for an area that otherwise goes unused, with a simple desk, chair and some beautiful artwork you can jazz up any area.

5. Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to try something new! Take an old space and re-purpose it, change up the layout and help your creativity unleash. A desk that is stylish with a awesome rolling chair can dress up any area. If possible position your desk so you are looking out a window or at least looking into an area that can provide added inspiration for your work when you are getting bored.

6. Your Kids Want An Office Too!

If you have kids, you probably already know, that what they seeing mom and dad doing they want to do too. That is wonderful, and you should take advantage of the influence you have, while you still have it. Set your kids up for success by creating a small space for them to do their work. Maybe it’s a desk at the foot of their bed, or a small bookcase and chair in the corner. Either way, give them a place to do their learning, and you will inspire them to reach for their goals as they see you reaching for yours!

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7. Keep It Quiet

If you are a parent and have kids, a home office should be a place where you can close the door. There is nothing more distracting than a million kids running around asking you questions. When you work from home, you have to guard your work time, and it’s easiest to do that if your kids see you go into your office for a set amount of time and then come out again. This can help them recognize that work and home life are separate, and that you need a private place to do your work.

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8. Make it Glass

Got a door? Make it glass. I love my home office doors to be glass. I do this so that my family can still see me and know that I am close by, even while I”m working, and I do it because I know if they are watching me, I’m more likely to stay focused on work, rather than checking out YouTube or Facebook.

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Are you ready to embrace the amazing changes that are coming YOUR way in 2020? Why not make this the year that you really achieve your dreams? Start with designing a home office that is fresh, trendy and inspiring- then go out there and do it!

Good luck! I’d love you tell me what your BIG GOALS for this year are?!