New year, new vibe!
New year, new vibe!

January 06 2021

New year, new vibe!

January is dedicated to self reflection and peaceful vibes!

Here’s are our top tips for creating a soothing relaxing bedroom space.


Add a yoga mat, diffuser, candles and dimmable  lights to your bedroom! I know this sounds like a lot. But honestly, from experience these items will add such a level of relaxation and peace to your soul.


I often walk into my older daughter’s bedroom and she has a candle flickering in the window and it instantly brings me joy. Always remember to blow them out!


The yoga mat! Almost everyday I see my hubby doing his stretches on the yoga mat! Having it easily accessible makes it simple to pull out and meditate and stretch.


This is a given! There are so many cool ones on the market and so many clean essential oils to use.


Funny right! But, it makes such a difference for creating the mood. For winding down. For pondering! Start small with lamps. We have so many in our showroom to choose from! I also got the beaded chandelier that we just installed but in a separate switch so we could choose either full lighting (pot lights and chandelier) or just chandelier!


I’m sure by now everyone has heard of gratitude journals. You can get a less expensive ones from winners or the dollar store and just write down every day something you are grateful for. If you can’t think of anything you are grateful for you can also just journal. It helps to relieve stress and to work out some of the problems of the day.

I like to put it on my nightstand with a pen so I can always jot things down. Another tip that has helped me is I charge my phone in the bathroom so I don’t go on it at night time. It helps me to sleep better and connect with by spouse instead of my phone at night lol!

But, that’s a personal choice :)


1. Keep it uncluttered! No laundry in your room! It is your space not the family’s...don’t become the dumping place for laundry!

2. Splurge on a chandelier! I love a beautiful chandelier in my master bedroom! It always makes me smile!

3. Choose a beautiful well made bed! Save the Wayfair and OVERSTOCK cheap beds for spare bedrooms and kids rooms!

4. If it’s in the budget get an adjustable base! They take working from home (bed) to a whole new level! Vibrating feet, head and adjustable base helps so much if you work from bed!

I love the PANAMA CANADIAN CUSTOM BED that we sell (and it fits an adjustable base.) It comes in 200 different colours and is very well-built.

For the Waterton house we put an adjustable base in the king bed with a plush Tempur-pedic mattress and it is like total heaven!

I like to keep the bedding neutral and I love having good comfortable pillows with a few toss pillows and a throw at the end of the bed. I also like to add an area rug and a bench to each of our designs. I like to keep bedrooms clutter free and clean lined so very neutral tones.

In the ranch house design we opted for a deep dark teal colour to make a big bold statement against an ivory tufted Panama bed with a beautiful beaded chandelier and some throws and pillows that were custom-made to relax on. We also added mirrored nightstands and lamps.

We’d love to hear any tips or tricks that you have to make your space feel more cozy. Please comment below and remember we will read all comments and we will also enter you into our latest contest for commenting. We’d love to hear from you guys!

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