April 01 2019



It’s Sunny and Shay, owners of SHOWHOME FURNITURE. Today we are sharing some tips that have helped us run a successful Calgary Furniture Store business  😊

Running a business is: crazy🤪, fun, tiring and can totally take over your life if you’re not careful. Our number one tip is stay in control.❤️ 

We can’t even tell you the amount of business and marketing books we have read to help is run a business.  It’s insane! Today, we wanted to share with you some things that have really helped us out in our business and hopefully one or two or these points can help you out as well.



Take time to determine the life that you want. Exactly, how you want your life to go?


Do you want to be-able to work from home, or do you want to be working 80 hours a week? Do you want to travel with your loved ones?

Or, do you just want more time with your pets?

Or, maybe you want to just sit on a beach and melt away lol! 

Really, though...TAKE TIME TO WRITE OUT THE LIFE THAT YOU WANT TO CREATE 😊 AND THEN POST IT EVERYWHERE IN YOUR HOUSE 😊 We have done this for many years and it totally helps! (Once my hubby even laminated his goals and put it in the shower.)

Once you have determined your LIFE-STYLE you will refer back to what you wanted and your decisions will be based on what you wanted.

For example, we decided we wanted to spend our time around our kids. We wanted them to help in the business and be involved in helping others. (They are also my favorite models, poor girls!)

We also wanted to travel to third world countries and sing and do humanitarian work. It took us years to get to the point in our financial life to be able to do this. And, we also had to wait until the kids grew up a bit. This past year we finally did it! We went travelling for 9 months as a family. It was amazing, SAD, hard and very tiring! But, totally a life-altering experience. Can we ever see a pic of a homeless child again and not want to do something?

Tears easily come to our eyes when we see poverty now. Our hearts were prepared with years of planning and visualization for this trip. All the kids felt it, they were deeply moved by what they saw and the pain in this world... and this was the deepest wish of our hearts! We do not want to stop, we want our kids to continue to help others in need the rest of their lives.


So, we set our business up where we work remotely daily and are able to have our kids around us helping us shop, market and do the free make-overs. 


Don’t be afraid to embrace the quiet moments of your life. As a business owner your days and thoughts are full and busy. There’s always more to do and more to work on. But take time daily to pause and think. You need to visualize what you need to do! Try to do it WITHOUT YOUR PHONE. 

My phone drives me crazy to be honest! It’s everywhere I am. In the morning before I grab it I do this!  Meditate and visualize. I do this daily in bed in the morning. I think about my day, my goals and the projects I’m working on. I also pray daily for guidance and I truly feel God’s help.  Honestly guys, it seems if I can visualize it first and get an idea of how I want it to turn out things always go better! Plus, when I include GOD it always seems to make more sense...why things turned out the way they did.


This is a key ingredient to running a successful business!  Be real, let your clients know who you really are. Don’t try to be something that you’re not.

For example, we love furniture especially Canadian Furniture! We love shopping around the world finding unique pieces and we also love a good deal so a lot of what we do includes DIY’s, design hacks, travelling, picking out furniture, making deals  and doing humanitarian work.

It’s truly who we are and we aren’t ashamed or shy to share our journey with our clients. Our clients see us all the time doing what we love! YOUR PASSIONS should be shared with your clients! PASSION is contagious! SO MAKE SURE YOU TRULY LOVE YOUR BUSINESS AND SHARE THAT LOVE FOR IT WITH YOUR CLIENTS❤️


This goes without saying in our society today. Make sure you were on all social platforms that your clients are on. Have fun with social. Do not hire out your social out! This is your brand, you love it, you are passionate about it, you need to share that with your clients. Clients can easily see through social posts that are done automatically and without feeling. We feel so strongly about this point. We have many followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and now YouTube. We genuinely love them all AND APPRECIATE THEM 🤩 We engage with all our followers: we are real, we are authentic and we are passionate about our brand.

Also, make sure you ask your clients to write Google reviews, this will help with your SEO ranking you first organically. Also to write Facebook reviews, yelp reviews and to comment back on your posts! It’s very important that you ask your clients to write honest reviews so you know how you are doing and where you can improve. Don’t ever be afraid of negative criticism.

It helps you to improve. We have over 5000 online reviews with a 4.8 star rating. So that means we have some improving to do. And we personally read all negative feedback and take it very seriously and make changes immediately. We want to provide 100% customer service. As a business owner you should want to do the same thing. It is the best feeling at night to go to sleep and know that we are doing the best job we can with our clients. Treat your clients as you would want to be treated, they are your hugest blessing!


Your clients should be treated like gold. They share you on social, they tell their friends about you, they comment to your posts they deserve to win. In our business we use much of our marketing budget to give our clients prizes and free giveaways.

NOW HERES’S OUR GIVE AWAY TIME FOR YOU!  We feel strongly that YOU should be rewarded for helping us to be successful. So every month we choose a free makeover to do in whatever city we are living in for anyone. Make sure you enter here:


We also give away a lot to different charities as a way of giving back to humanity. We are truly passionate about Third World work and use a portion of our funds to give to those in need.


LOL, Sorry guys I have a few more... I just wanted to add: IGNORE THE COMPETITION. Don’t compare yourself to others. You believe in your business just spend your energy growing it! There’s room for everyone. ❤️ Always, put what matters most FIRST! Whether that’s your partner, your family/pets, yourself...don’t let your business control you!

Guys, we want you to be successful in your business and hope this helps a little bit! We are cheering you on and praying for your success!