July 10 2019


Hey ladies, are any of you home-gardeners? Well, after reading this article, you will seriously consider becoming one. Follow me on this.

The rhythm of today’s life is maddening, agree? And we, delicate creatures, are constantly facing different problems and challenges, and get stressed all too often. Family, work, domestic prices, new Spring-Summer collection. How to keep ourselves from going crazy?

I will share with you some ways to de-stress or at least decrease the level of anxiety. One of those is adding more positively energized objects to your surroundings. You may start from such little things as bedroom linen or throws. Go ahead and change it today.


Calgary throws


Or you may go further and stop the chaos in your house by getting rid of the unnecessary things and bringing more light instead. Bring it on and get a pet or a house plant. Which do you prefer? Personally, I am a houseplant enthusiast.

It was proven that plants help you sleep better, so it’s definitely a good choice to have one… or even a few in your bedroom. Plants produce oxygen, taking out carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and natural toxins like benzene and formaldehyde. Thus, they help you breathe easier, not to mention the aesthetic enjoyment they give. So basically houseplants serve as natural filters, isn’t it great? In addition, they can scatter fragrances and provide the balmy breath of spring. Such plants as lavender or jasmine are especially good for this purpose as they have a sweet scent. Consider purchasing one and see how it works.


Calgary beds


But, of course, there are definite cons, too. Plants are alive and they are in constant need of water and fertile soil: so things can get messy sometimes. You should be really careful when choosing the best place for a flowerpot. Don’t put it within reach of your hand, especially if there is a pet in your house – they are too curious and can easily knock the flowerpot over. Keep it away from electric devices. Also, some plants may be dangerous for your furry friends, so you must be careful and thoughtful when choosing a plant. By the way, here are some accent tables that could be used as flower stands.


Calgary Accent Tables


However, if you’re a true nature-lover, such disadvantages are just a “phew” for you and you will find a way. No one can deny that flowers and plants provide serenity and natural charm. So you can have a private garden just in your bedroom. Plants not only look good, but they’re famous for their stress-relieving qualities. Why don’t we add some peace to our interiors?


Calgary chaise


The best plants for your bedroom will be Aloe Vera, Jasmine, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, and English Ivy. Once you make your choice, you will only have to keep your plants up with regular watering and plant care. It’s pretty simple though. First, you should consider whether your plant needs light or shadow. Second, you should regularly check its soil to make sure that it’s neither under watered nor over watered. And don’t forget to let more fresh air in - it’s always for the good, both for you and your plants.

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