Rattan Headboard Now on Sale at Showhome Furniture

October 14 2021

Rattan Headboard Now on Sale at Showhome Furniture

Each Natural Wood-look Rattan Headboard is handmade in Indonesia's lush and tranquil islands, where skilled artisans gently bend and weave native bamboo into this sunrise.

Rattan Headboard in Calgary

These easy-to-use headboards will add a sense of peace to your bedroom for years to come.

Rattan Headboard in Calgary

This uniquely patterned iconic rattan headboard is the perfect addition to any home wanting a boho statement piece for their bedroom.

Rattan Headboard in Calgary

Whether the style is bohemian or eclectic, this headboard makes the perfect statement.

Rattan Bed in Calgary

Come check out our largest showroom in Calgary and shop your rattan bed frame today! Visit us at North Hill Center (Old Sears building). Showhome Furniture is here for you when you're ready:) You can also grab our Complimentary Interior Design Consultation for FREE! Book now!

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  • Bea: January 12, 2022

    I saw this in your showroom and they’re really pretty.

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