Showhome's Indonesia Journey
Showhome's Indonesia Journey

January 30 2021

Showhome's Indonesia Journey

There we were, sitting in a hot, stuffy room full of children that have been abandoned. Abandoned by their parents, abandoned by their grandparents, abandoned by their community.

For whatever reason and for whatever walk of life, these were children who had become Christian. But, because they were living in a Muslim country, they were ostracized and left out. In fact, when we arrived at the orphanage, they had recently experienced a fire there, someone tried to burn down the place. We went there with the intention of doing good, feeding them, and bringing them joy through singing.All my children were so excited. It took us a long time to drive there over a very bumpy road in a cramped car, but we did it because we were so excited to serve. When we arrived at the orphanage, the leaders were a man and wife team. They were so excited to greet us. They had a seat at the front, and we thought we were getting ready to perform. But the next thing we knew, all the orphan children stood up and started dancing and singing Christian songs.

They had taken songs by "Michael Jackson" and "Abba" and added Christian lyrics to them. Tears quickly formed in my eyes as we sat there. We were there to help them, but they helped us much more that day. One of Showhome Furniture's main missions is to do good on this earth.

Back in Calgary, we worked really hard to be Calgary's local furniture store. Going to Indonesia and being able to put our money, words and our hearts into this cause brought it all back to life for us. It made it real.

My heart was broken that day, broken for humanity, broken for the love of God's children, broken to do His will wherever that may take us.

I looked at each of my six beautiful daughters, and yes, they are a little bit cranky at times and whiny, and they argue, and they can drive me crazy, but their eyes were sparkling. I think that they felt it as well. What is the purpose of life if not to do good and help out those who are less fortunate than us?

I hope during this Covid pandemic that you have had time to help out those in need. Look around your circle, your community, and perhaps people that you work with that are struggling. These are challenging times for everyone, and we need to always be aware of those around us to know who is having a hard time. Thank you so much for supporting our local family business! 

Love Sala Family