Stunning Canadian Made Showhome Custom Furniture

May 04 2021

Stunning Canadian Made Showhome Custom Furniture

Calgary Sofas

I was visiting my sister recently and marveling at her 100-year old house and all the fine details that each room possessed. I was amazed at the craftsmanship displayed throughout her home. The high ceilings and the handmade moldings around the windows were details that added beauty and functionality to her space without calling too much attention to themselves. 

Calgary Sofas

As we chatted I noticed her dining room chairs. They were the same chairs that my mother had in her home and raised all her 11 children with. They were beautiful and when, out of curiosity, I asked how old they were I was delighted to find out that they were more than 50 years old and layered with almost as many layers of different paints to match the latest trends. These were good solid chairs. 

Calgary Sofas

They were definitely a good investment as sometimes it is hard to find wooden chairs that will last 5 years!!

Calgary Sofas

This is why at Showhome Furniture we do what we do. We have worked hard to find good quality furniture that can withstand the rigor of today's active family from a local company. Not only do we want the best furniture, we also want furniture that has been built with love, attention to detail and in the most ethical way possible and one that supports our local Canadian industry.

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At Showhome Furniture we are transparent about where our furniture comes from and who it is that builds it. Just as we don't take shortcuts with our furniture, we do not run a business at the expense of our employee's lives, or at the expense of our customers wallet!

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We love them because they are quality through and through, and did I mention that they are made right here in Canada? That means that your hard-earned money stays in our country benefiting more than just your home at each purchase.

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At our custom Canadian made furniture factories, it is obvious that they have been raised with good honest Canadian values and this shows in their workmanship. Not only are their furniture stunning, beautiful enough to grace the nicest home, but they are also truly a quality work of art that when stripped down one can see is made to last throughout the ages. Corners are reinforced with blocks, staples and then glue making their pieces solid. 

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Their wood frames are made of a combination of kiln-dried hardwood and thick CNC engineered plywood parts that give accuracy and precision every time.

Showhome Furniture knows that buying new furniture is an investment and we don't take your investment lightly. 

Calgary Sofas

We endeavor to do everything that we can to ensure that every piece of furniture that you purchase from us is something that will last throughout the years.

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Call us if you would like Showhome Furniture design team to help you pick the best furniture for your space.  We will work with your existing furniture to help you create the home you always wanted.

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  • Anne: September 29, 2021

    You guys have the best Custom furniture. I will look forward to coming in to your store and pick my favorite sofa.

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