The Best Murphy Bed Models Available in Calgary
The Best Murphy Bed Models Available in Calgary

April 17 2024

The Best Murphy Bed Models Available in Calgary

In the bustling city of Calgary, space management in small apartments and rental homes is a pressing concern. One innovative solution that has been gaining traction is the Murphy bed. Known for its dual function as both a comfortable bed and a space saver, Murphy beds can transform any room into a multi-purpose area. This article will explore some of the best Murphy bed models available in Calgary, diving into their benefits and practicality for city dwellers.

Maximizing Space with Calgary Beds: The Murphy Bed Advantage

For residents of Calgary, beds that conserve space while enhancing the aesthetics of a room are a prime choice. Murphy beds, in particular, are renowned for their ability to disappear into a wall or cabinet, liberating valuable floor space for other uses during the day. This feature is especially beneficial in studio apartments or smaller rooms where every square inch counts.

Several local Calgary furniture stores offer a range of Murphy beds that are not only functional but also stylish. From sleek, contemporary designs that feature minimalist frames to more traditional looks with wooden finishes, there's a style to match every interior design scheme. Models with built-in storage solutions like shelving or desk components further amplify their utility, making them a smart, space-efficient choice for the modern Calgary dweller.

Affordable Luxury Furniture: Integrating Murphy Beds into Your Home

When considering affordable luxury furniture in Calgary, Murphy beds stand out as a practical yet chic option. These beds provide the luxury of a full-sized bed without occupying the full space permanently. For those looking to furnish a guest room, opting for a Murphy bed means the room can also be used as a home office or workout space when not hosting guests.

The affordability of luxury doesn't just stop at space-saving. Many Murphy bed models come equipped with high-quality mattresses and sturdy frames that promise longevity and comfort comparable to traditional beds. Local retailers and bespoke furniture makers in Calgary offer customizable options that allow homeowners to integrate their Murphy beds seamlessly into existing home decor, ensuring that style and function go hand-in-hand.

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Discovering the Best Beds in Calgary: Murphy Bed Edition

When searching for the best beds in Calgary, it’s important to consider how a Murphy bed might elevate your living space. Local Calgary furniture outlets like "Space Savers" and "HiddenBed Factory" offer a variety of Murphy beds that cater to the diverse needs of the community. These models range from basic fold-down options to elaborate units featuring additional components such as fold-out desks, sofas, or entertainment units.

For renters and homeowners alike, the transformational capability of these beds is a key attraction. Imagine converting your living area into a bedroom in just seconds during the night, or folding away your bed into a home office setup during the day. This flexibility is ideal for those who want to make the most out of their living spaces without compromising on comfort or style.

The Practicality of Murphy Beds in Calgary Rentals

In the context of Calgary rentals, where tenants may have limited options for making permanent changes, Murphy beds offer a reversible solution that can adapt to various living situations. Installation typically doesn’t involve invasive modifications, which makes these beds perfect for renters. Moreover, the portability of Murphy beds means they can move with you, ensuring an investment that continues to pay off even if you relocate.

Landlords might also consider the installation of Murphy beds in their rental units to attract prospective tenants looking for smart, flexible living solutions. By promoting apartments that feature built-in Murphy beds, property owners can increase the appeal and functionality of their rental offerings, potentially leading to higher occupancy rates and satisfied tenants.


Murphy beds in Calgary represent a blend of innovation, style, and practicality, making them a superb choice for anyone living in Calgary looking to maximize their space. Whether you’re a renter seeking a flexible furniture solution or a homeowner aiming to optimize an extra room, Murphy beds in Calgary offer a range of options to enhance your living environment. With their dual functionality, these beds are not just furniture but an investment in your home’s versatility and your lifestyle’s flexibility.

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Top FAQ's:

What are the main benefits of installing a Murphy bed in a Calgary apartment?

Murphy beds are ideal for Calgary apartments because they save a significant amount of space. By folding up into a wall or cabinet, these beds free up floor space for other uses during the day, such as a home office or exercise area. They are particularly beneficial in studios or small rooms where efficient use of space is crucial. Additionally, Murphy beds in Calgary come in various designs that can enhance the overall aesthetics of any apartment.

How do Murphy beds compare in cost and value to traditional beds?

Murphy beds can be an initial higher investment compared to traditional beds due to the mechanisms needed for them to fold away neatly. However, the value they offer over time is substantial, particularly in space-limited environments. They often come with customizable features such as built-in storage or desks, which further enhance their value. Considering their dual functionality and longevity, Murphy beds offer a competitive edge in cost-effectiveness.

Can Murphy beds be customized to match my home decor in Calgary?

Yes, many furniture stores in Calgary offer customizable Murphy beds. These can be tailored in terms of color, finish, and hardware to complement your existing home decor. Whether you prefer a modern minimalist look or a more traditional wooden finish, there's a range of options available. Customizable features might also include additional storage solutions and integrated office furniture, making them a versatile choice for any home style.

What should I look for when choosing a Murphy bed retailer in Calgary?

When selecting a retailer for a Murphy bed in Calgary, consider their reputation for quality and customer service. Look for stores with a wide range of models and customization options. It's also beneficial to choose retailers that offer installation services, ensuring that the bed is set up correctly and safely. Checking customer reviews and asking for recommendations can also help you find a reliable retailer.

Are Murphy beds suitable for children's rooms?

Murphy beds can be an excellent choice for children's rooms, especially when space is at a premium. They allow the room to be used for playing during the day and sleeping at night. However, it's important to ensure that the bed's mechanism is safe and easy to operate. Some models are designed specifically for kids, with lower heights and additional safety features like locking mechanisms to prevent accidental unfolding.

What are the potential downsides of Murphy beds?

While Murphy beds offer many benefits, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Installing a Murphy bed requires a clear wall space free of obstructions like windows or heavy radiators, which could limit where it can be placed. Also, the mechanism of folding the bed up and down requires a bit of effort, which might not be suitable for everyone. Lastly, because they need to be anchored to the wall, moving a Murphy bed is more complex than moving a traditional bed, which could be a drawback for some renters.