January 17 2021


Hey guys it’s Shay with Showhome Furniture. If you haven’t come to our store located at North Hill Center we’d love to meet you! We are Calgary‘s top furniture store. We offer free design consults at our store or you can also book for a virtual appointment online. A lot of clients ask us about how to hang curtains so I thought I would quickly write out my tips and tricks for hanging curtains since we do this a lot for our clients.


Number one, I never like to use the cheap anchors that curtain rods come with. I go to Home Depot, buy a package of drywall screws with anchors. This will secure your curtains for years to come. And will make all the difference in your curtain rod staying up nice and strong.

Number two, I like to hang curtains 2-3 inches From the ceiling and out about 10 inches from the trim this way your room will look tall and your window will show the complete view and the curtain will not cover your view.

Depending on the look you’re going for I usually put at least two panels of curtains on each side of the window. If you want it to have a nice full look make sure your curtains come lined. If your curtains are not lined you could easily get a sheet set and put on a back curtain panel and it will make it have that really thick full look.

Number three, I like to hang my curtains about 3 inches from the ceiling and about 10 to 12 inches on the ends of the trim around the window. For this you can come to use two sizes, 84 inches and 95 inches. If you have super tall ceilings you can get curtains up to 120” on Amazon.

Make sure your curtains are touching the floor at least by 2 inches, we suggest you make sure your curtains kiss the floor. When you hang your curtains close to the ceiling it makes the room look taller and more grand. 

I hope these tips helped.

Remember switch out the hardware, get curtains that are long enough and kiss in the floor, put them 2-3 inches from the ceiling and out on each side by 10 to 12 inches.


If you have any other tips for hanging curtains let us know in the comments below!

Thanks guys hope you have an awesome week.

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