Tips to Deep Clean Your House for the Coming New Year Part 1
Tips to Deep Clean Your House for the Coming New Year Part 1

November 12 2021

Tips to Deep Clean Your House for the Coming New Year Part 1

It’s nearly the end of the year and my FAVORITE time to deep clean my house and start my new year with a fresh and new look. I love buying new Calgary furniture, but I never do it unless my house has been totally and thoroughly cleaned. This gives me incentive to get everything cleaned and organised and as a reward I get to buy something new.

Deep cleaning of my home is just one of the things I do to make sure I will have a great incoming year. I also deep clean my friends on social media, I deep clean my negative thoughts and I deep clean my past frustrations and hurts. I’ll teach you more on all that later. But for now, here’s some great tips for deep cleaning your home before the end of 2021!

Start with The Right Supplies

  • Deep cleaning needs it’s own set of supplies:
  • Disposable rags, sponges and scrub pads that you don’t mind throwing away
  • Cleaners that are healthy but effective (Vinegar, bleach, Baking Soda)
  • An ice cream bucket
  • Mr. Clean Sponge - how did moms EVER live without this?
  • Lysol wipes
  • Wet wipes
  • Windex
  • Vacuum, broom, & Dustpan

Cleaning Supplies

Carpets or Rugs

Vacuum the carpet. Spot clean any stains on the carpet using oxyclean, pink solution, or spray on carpet cleaner. Take the whole thing outside, bang it with a broom and let it lay on the lawn or over the banister for a few hours soaking up sunlight (the natural disinfectant).

Carpet Cleaning in Calgary


Faucets are easy to clean and fun! Deep cleaning can be done by taking a toothbrush and scrubbing around the edges of the faucet. Take the tiny screen on the faucet off by unscrewing it and rinsing it out. Run vinegar throughout the home to descale them.

Cleaning your Faucet

Vent Covers

Do you even know what falls down those vents? And when the hot air comes on it’s blowing past all that garbage into the air that you breath. Take off the vent covers and wash them with hot soapy water. Take a shot vacuum and vacuum out the vents to get rid of all the dust and garbage that is down there. Every 1-2 years hire a professional to suck out the vents.

Cleaning vent covers


Vacuum out the tracks of the windows. Use wet wipes or lysol wipes to wash the tracks. There is usually dead flies and a bit of grungy water in the tracks that need cleaning. Polish the window with vinegar and water or with windex.

Cleaning Windows

Ceiling Fans

Take lysol wipes or orange cleaner to clean off the dust of the fan blades and replace all blown out lights. 

cleaning ceiling fans


Wipe down door knobs with lysol wipes. Wipe down doorframes from fingerprints and smudges.

Cleaning Doors

Garbage Cans

Take all garbage cans and empty them. Take them Into the bathroom and soak them in a bleach solution in the bath. Rinse and dry them ready for usage.

Cleaning garbage cans


Give your blinds a deep clean by spraying them with a cleaner or with vinegar getting rid of unwanted dust.

Cleaning blinds in Calgary

Couches & Chairs

Remove all removable covers and wash. Spot clean all upholstery by moving the couches and chairs and sweeping underneath them. Every 1-2 years, you can hire a professional if you don't have a wet & dry vacuum cleaner where you can deeply clean the sofas and chairs.

Calgary leather sofa

We will continue this next week for another deep clean idea for the incoming year. It's time to move and do these tips and make sure your house becomes a symbol of a new year. If you want to make your home into a Showhome, don't miss the opportunity to book our FREE Interior Design Consultation with no obligation to purchase. This is totally free and we would love to help you make your home into a Showhome for LESS.