Tips to Deep Clean Your House for the Coming New Year Part 2
Tips to Deep Clean Your House for the Coming New Year Part 2

November 15 2021

Tips to Deep Clean Your House for the Coming New Year Part 2

Hi Everyone, this is the 2nd part of our Tips to Deep Clean Your House for the Coming New Year. Continue on doing these amazing tips and make sure your house becomes a symbol of a new year. If you want to make your home into a Showhome, don't miss the opportunity to book our FREE Interior Design Consultation with no obligation to purchase. This is totally free and we would love to help you make your home into a Showhome for LESS.


Empty drawers and wash them out. You can then put in liners to preserve the interior of your cabinet. You can also replace utensils and items inside if they are already worn out.

Stove & Oven

You can self clean the oven and stove. Buy some all-purpose cleaner or stove-top cleaner and start cleaning those grease that is already clogging inside. Take off the grills of your oven and stove and scrub with baking soda and a metal scrubber.


Spray the inside of the microwave with a cleaner. Remove glass plate and wash thoroughly.


Turn toaster upside down and empty out all the crumbs at the bottom. Use a metal scrubber on the top metal parts of the toaster. You can also use a cleaner to remove any grease stuck inside.

Fridge & Freezer

Turn on defrost to remove the ice attached at the side of the fridge or freezer. If you don't have a defrost button, simple turn it off and wait for it to melt so you can start cleaning. While waiting for the ice to melt, empty contents of the fridge. Bleach or use vinegar on the entire thing. You can also buy a fridge cleaner. Don't forget to clean around the rubber seal, too.

Now it's time dry. Replace the contents inside if needed. Throw away anything that isn’t good, and combining things if there are two open jars of the same item. Then, categorize and arrange different items according to expiration. Always remember to integrate the first in, first out principle.


Run 1 cup of white vinegar through your dishwasher to descale and clean it. Empty the trap inside the dishwasher which is probably filled with gross things. You can also remove the metal holder inside and clean it with soap and water to make sure you won't miss removing any dirt left.


Fill with hot soapy water and scrub inside, and around the sink. Polish the taps. You can also use vinegar to get any calcium deposit on your stainless steel taps.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Grout can get gross. I spray a bleach solution on the grout, let it sit for a few minutes and then scrub it with a plastic scrubber or broom. Then, clean the shower curtain. If it’s linen throw it in the washing machine. Replace the plastic liner with a new one. It’s cheap, just do it!


Clean the whole thing with lysol wipes. Pay attention to base and behind it. Clean inside with a scrubby brush thing. Fill the back with 2 cups of vinegar and let sit for 1/3 hour and then flush. Tighten the screws.


Dust & Polish the furniture especially the sofa and sectional since they are constantly in use. Tired of your old furniture? Don’t worry, that’s why our store is here! After deep cleaning treat yourself to shopping spree at Showhome Furniture in Calgary. We have designers in the store everyday who will give you a FREE consultation.


Use a high suction vacuum to vacuum both sides of all mattresses in the house. Turn over every mattress and don't forget the sidings.

Nobody can deep clean there house in 1 day! Don’t worry if this takes a week or longer to do, all the hard work will totally be worth it! Good luck and happy cleaning, remember to make this year your best year yet and start your year with a clean house.