What are the Latest Design Trends in 2022?

August 09 2022

What are the Latest Design Trends in 2022?

It is already the middle of the year and we want to update you on our latest design trends. And whether or not you are the type to subscribe to the idea of resolutions or goals, there’s something special about setting intentions and looking forward to what’s ahead with the remaining months of 2022. When it comes to the interior design space, Showhome Furniture will help you decide about what’s “in” and “out” this 2022. Book your FREE Design consultation today (no purchase needed)!

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We are excited to share a few things on the existing design trends in 2022. Read more to see exactly what these trending home design ideas are.

Incorporate colors + prints

After more of a subdued few years, in terms of fabrics, I see people embracing fun colors and unique prints in their everyday furniture. Utilizing colorful printed fabrics, custom upholstered sofas, chairs and window treatments will be fun, fierce and another way to bring personality into the space.

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Less is More - Minimalism

With the busy lives that we all live, paring down the amount of stuff to deal with in the home will feel enticing. We probably only need less than half of what we have, and prioritizing the important, functional and high-designed pieces is the best way to feel more free and in control at the same time.

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Bringing the Outdoors In

More people are enhancing their outdoor living spaces, which means more stylish outdoor-rated furniture! I see more intentionally designed outdoor living spaces that don't sacrifice on style and expand the families living and entertaining space in the home.

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Vintage Furniture

With the current supply chain issues, we believe people will be more apt to repurpose older furniture and/or decor pieces to not only be more focused on sustainability, but also be more friendly to their budgets.

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Moody Color Palette

Dark, moody walls using paint and wallpaper: while these dark walls bring back some lost drama, they still have powder gray undertones that mesh well with this past years cane and natural wood trend.

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More Marble

We will be seeing more and more of this beautiful stone and its lookalike around homes, from thicker counter tops, wall mounted vanities, to accent walls around the home, as well as outdoors.

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Our team shares mixed feelings about the idea of trends in design, but the truth is, our homes are ever evolving and often a reflection of what is happening around us. It’s always fun to watch how the patterns of material, form, and influences and flow from year to year. Let Showhome Furniture help you decide on your dream home this 2022. Book your FREE Design consultation today (no purchase needed)!


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