Where to Find High-Quality Murphy Beds in Calgary?
Where to Find High-Quality Murphy Beds in Calgary?

April 21 2024

Where to Find High-Quality Murphy Beds in Calgary?

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, are a fantastic space-saving solution for anyone looking to enhance the functionality of their living area. Particularly in Calgary, where urban space is at a premium, finding a bed that can tuck away neatly can be a game-changer. These beds fold up into a wall cabinet when not in use, providing extra space for other activities. This section will guide you through where to find the best Calgary beds that combine style, convenience, and affordability.

Top Retailers for High-Quality Murphy Beds

When searching for affordable luxury furniture in Calgary, several retailers stand out for their quality and selection of Murphy beds. Large furniture stores like IKEA and Costco offer a range of Murphy beds that cater to those looking for both style and functionality at a moderate price. For those seeking higher-end options, local boutiques like Calgary Wall Beds specialize in custom solutions that maximize your space without compromising on design. These stores provide not just beds but comprehensive space-saving solutions, ideal for small condos or multipurpose rooms.

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Custom Solutions and Local Craftsmanship

For those who have specific needs or tastes, custom Murphy beds are an excellent option. Local Calgary craftsmen and furniture makers offer bespoke services where you can tailor every aspect of your Murphy bed, from the wood finish to the built-in storage options. This personalized approach ensures that the bed fits perfectly into your interior design, making it a seamless part of your home. These custom services elevate the concept of beds in Calgary to new heights, offering unique designs that are both functional and elegant.

Online Options and Delivery Services

In today’s digital age, purchasing furniture online has never been easier. Several online platforms provide a wide range of Murphy beds, with detailed descriptions, reviews, and photos to help you make an informed decision from the comfort of your home. Websites like Wayfair and Amazon offer competitive pricing and home delivery, making them a convenient option for buying a Murphy bed in Calgary. Additionally, many local stores have online catalogs where you can reserve or order a bed and arrange for home delivery, simplifying the entire buying process.

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Top FAQ's:

What are the average costs of Murphy beds in Calgary?

The cost of Murphy beds in Calgary can vary widely depending on the design, material, and features. Basic models from larger retailers might start around $1,000, while custom-made solutions from local craftsmen can exceed $3,000, especially if they include additional storage solutions or bespoke designs.

Are Murphy beds comfortable compared to traditional beds?

Yes, Murphy beds are just as comfortable as traditional beds. The key to comfort is the mattress. Most Murphy beds accommodate standard mattresses, so you do not have to compromise on comfort. Ensure you choose a high-quality mattress that fits the bed's mechanism for the best sleep experience.

Can I install a Murphy bed in a rental apartment in Calgary?

Installing a Murphy bed in a rental space is possible, but it's important to check with your landlord or property manager. Since installation can require wall mounting, it's necessary to get approval to avoid any damage or alterations that could affect your security deposit.

What should I look for when choosing a Murphy bed?

When selecting a Murphy bed, consider the quality of materials, ease of use, and the mechanism's durability. Additionally, look for beds that offer added functionality like built-in desks or shelving. This is especially important in smaller living spaces where every inch counts.

How do I maintain a Murphy bed?

Maintaining a Murphy bed involves regular checks of the lifting mechanism and hinges to ensure smooth operation. It's also important to keep the mattress clean and rotate it periodically to maintain its shape and comfort. Lastly, ensure the surrounding area is clear of obstructions for easy folding and unfolding.

Are there any safety concerns with Murphy beds?

Modern Murphy beds are designed with safety in mind. They typically include mechanisms that prevent the bed from folding up unexpectedly and locks to keep it securely closed when not in use. Ensure that your bed is installed correctly and always use it as instructed to avoid any accidents.