Why should you buy a custom sofa versus a non-custom one?
Why should you buy a custom sofa versus a non-custom one?

May 16 2019

Why should you buy a custom sofa versus a non-custom one?

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Have you ever wondered which is best to purchase? A custom sofa or a ready non-custom one. Here's some insights that might help you out.
Sofas are like custom clothes. Being out sized they make you look clumsy and feel uncomfortable, while being tight-fit they add nothing but comfort and eye appeal. The same rule applies to the sofa you are planning to buy. And if you make the right choice, this habitual piece of furniture will turn your Calgary living room into a Buckingham Palace if you so wish.

Buying a sofa is one of the most important investments you're likely to make when furnishing your house. Whatever the case - a movie night with your friends, a peaceful evening spent in solitude, or a short nap in the middle of the day - you spend way too much time on the sofa. So it must be flawless. Wouldn’t you agree?

What should an ideal sofa be like? Well, everybody has their own idea of this piece of furniture. One’s got to think over its size, shape, cushion fill, color, and other parameters. Some people like it with a tight back, others prefer a loose one. What is more, proper allowance must be made for how to compliment the space and overall aesthetics of the living room.

Upholstery material is definitely not the least important factor in choosing a sofa. It must be not only good looking but also pleasantly tactile and practical in use. However, if you use natural materials, remember to keep your couch away from the sun rays, otherwise, it will fade eventually. If you have a pet, the wrong material can serve as a fur magnet, boast unwanted stains and emit unpleasant odors.

 Depending on the intended use, you should also consider the softness of the sofa. Sofas with not too deep seats and tight backs usually work better for semi-formal talks and discussions while softer ones with deeper seats are perfect for climbing in with a book and a cup of tea.

Basically, custom sofas in Calgary may comprise all the functions you need. You may decide on the length of your sofa and its back height yourself, not to mention its cushioning and upholstery. There is no more need to be on the horns of a dilemma choosing between the market options.

Do you want to enjoy your tea without leaving the sofa? Check this out – a custom-made armrest. A perfect solution, isn’t it?

And here’s another awesome idea for those who can’t help putting everything in its proper place – additional drawers. The most necessary stuff will still be within reach of your hand, yet off-stage.

And don’t forget that the cushion fill is just as important as the upholstery of your sofa. Feather-filled cushions are highly comfortable (if you are not allergic, of course) but they will need regular plumping. Foam or fiber fillings may flatten out and lose their shape over time.

While a combination of foam and synthetic filler may become a perfect solution. Also, mind the size of your living room (no one wants to stub his toes against a piece of furniture placed inappropriately due to the lack of space). Today, furniture makes offer a great variety of sofas. But there’s hardly an all-in-one option. So the most evident advantage of custom furniture is as follows: it’s like a LEGO set, you can add up whatever you want and enjoy the result. Make your sofa play along well and let it be a good match for your interior.

At Showhome Furniture, we offer free expert design consultations so you will have an idea on what furniture to choose on what part of the house you will put it. We also have the least expensive custom sofa in the market without compromising its quality. This is one of the reason why a lot of people love Showhome Furniture.