8 Pieces of Furniture Every Successful Airbnb Should Have!
8 Pieces of Furniture Every Successful Airbnb Should Have!

September 22 2020

8 Pieces of Furniture Every Successful Airbnb Should Have!

Hello everybody! This is an amazing day to be alive. I just got off the phone with a close family member who is making a ton of money renting her house out for Airbnb. I am so happy to hear about her great success. So I did a little bit of digging and interviewed some people to find out what pieces of furniture are the most helpful when running an Airbnb. The following tips are what I discovered and hopefully what will help you run a successful Airbnb! And of course, if you have questions about ANYTHING or need help choosing the perfect piece of furniture please come visit us at Showhome Furniture Calgary store and meet with one of our talented designers.


Pull out bed

Pull out bed ranked number one on our survey of the most helpful useful item when running an Airbnb. The reason why, is because the more bad your home can sleep, the higher price you can charge. This means you earn more money!!



Comfortable couches to be exact! Most people are coming on vacation and want to have something very comfortable to chillax on! Often you have family group staying together or friends who are excited and eager to visit with one another. There’s nothing worse than being stuck sitting on an uncomfortable couch while on vacation.


Big TV’s

Every vacation rental home needs a big TV, and preferably one on every level. When people come on vacation they really want to unwind at the end of the day. Without a TV it’s difficult for your guests to really feel at home. The bigger the TV the better because then they just feel a little bit spoiled and they can enjoy their nightly show even more than usual.


Easy to clean rugs

Gorgeous rugs certainly go along way in making a home look and feel comfortable, soft, and inviting. However if you’re going to be having strangers in and out of your home, and you aren’t sure if they’re going to be taking off their shoes, it’s best to get rugs that are easy to clean.


Bedside tables with lamps and phone chargers

Everyone that goes on vacation wants to have a bedside table to put their glasses or their water on, trust me, they are grateful for a lamp they can turn out, and especially for a charger to charge their phone overnight. Do this and your guests are sure to love you!


Luggage racks or tables

Guests don’t care as much about having a closet to hang things up as they do about having something to put their suitcases on. The hosts I interviewed said is essential to have a luggage rack or table in each room that is low enough for a guest to easily fit his or her luggage onto during their vacation.



Because everyone’s body temperature is different it’s important to provide a fan in each room, as well as extra blankets just in case your guest gets extra hot or extra cold. Having a good nights sleep is something a guest will remember, and providing a fan will go a long way in helping them sleep well.


A table everyone can sit around

If you’re home can host 12 guests, and your table needs to at least have seating for 12. This makes it so all your guests can sit together when enjoying a meal. If your regular table is not big enough to seat as many people as you are sleeping, consider getting another matching table that guests can put together. OR visit us at one of our Showhome Furniture Calgary stores and have someone show you our gorgeous tables with leaves.

A comfortable Bed

All mattresses should be at least less than 5 years old if you are considering hosting. Showhome Furniture has a huge range of mattresses that you can come and actually test out for comfort. Makes sure you protect your new mattresses with new mattress protector covers that you replace every year.


Now that you have these essential pieces of furniture, I am confident you will be able to set up an amazing Airbnb in your home!