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  • Every day, more and more people are working from home. With Covid, global unrest and amazing technology, working from home are becoming more and more desirable. Even if you don’t have a job that requires you to work from home,...

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  • 8 Pieces of Furniture Every Successful Airbnb Should Have!

    Hello everybody! This is an amazing day to be alive. I just got off the phone with a close family member who is making a ton of money renting her house out for Airbnb. I am so happy to hear...

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  • 7 Fun Ways To Get Ready For Valentines Day

    I ran into the store to grab some food for my kids and my eye caught a bright red heart that was for sale.  It caught me by surprise, with Christmas just being over, and then I remembered Valentines Day!...

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  • In love with Chip And Joanna Gaines? Let Showhome Furniture Help You With Your FIXER UPPER!

          So here are some of our ideas on how you can put that look in your space.  Read to the end of this blog and comment for a chance to win Chip and Joanna's new book -...

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  • DIY Fabric Kites


    DIY Fabric Kites

    What is it about this season that makes me feel like a kid again? I was browsing Anthropologie and came across this amazing photo shoot of fabric kites and fell into love with their dreaminess!  And then I went and...

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  • New Store Opening Soon!!!

    January blizzards twist and howl, building snows sculptures and turning perfectly pleasant highways into treacherous sheets of ice. Braving the blustery weather takes a special kind of courage and makes us appreciate our homes more than ever, especially if they're...

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