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Sofas and Love Seats in Calgary

Hello ladies and gents! I hope you are having a great week:) This weather really makes me wanna have family movie night every night!
There’s something about the cold that screams movie time:) Well it’s my kids screaming and I’m thinking, “movie time!”

I seriously am so thankful for Netflix. Our kids usually watch the screen 1-3 times a week and it is well time we’ll spend in my books since we don’t have cable:) 

I love our custom sectional we got at SHOWHOME FURNITURE. 

Here at Showhome, there isn't anything that we don't love about custom sectionals. I remember when I was planning our sectional style and configuration it was rather difficult doing it alone. I worked with one of our design experts and was able to get it just right.

I wanted a certain size to match by room as well as depth as I wanted to be able to curl up in it. I also knew that I wanted a nest chair so it all had to fit! One extra feature I wanted was a sofa bed so when guests came over I had extra sleeping! I also wanted soft fabric that would be easy to clean and hide fingerprints! 

I got it all! I was so happy when it arrived. It was perfect! That sense of satisfaction of getting exactly what I wanted was so rewarding! We want to do the same thing for you!

AS you see I enjoy every little bit about customization. I believe that by having your very own custom sectional, it will be the most enjoyable piece of furniture that you will ever own. Movie nights will be amazing! 

Showhome furniture has partnered up with some fantastic CANADIAN MADE SOFA/SECTIONAL COMPANIES to help make your dream a reality! These companies bring you the best in style, comfort and design.

Sometimes when I think of custom furniture, there are a lot of different things that I ask. One of them from my own experience:
Is it going to serve the purpose I want? That's the beauty of CUSTOM, and it can help any purpose that you can imagine.

At Showhome we can design a sectional or sofa that suites the needs that you want it for. Whether it be kids jumping around on it or somewhere that only the most important guests get the privilege to use, your custom sectional is what you want it to be.

These are questions you should ask before buying:
What fabric is best going to serve my needs? 
Is it durable? 
Is there a long term warranty (Showhome has a 5 year warranty package)
Will be stand up to my pets/kids?
Will it give my room the design flair I’m looking for? 
Is it comfortable? 

You can still have a custom sectional and have the luxury that you want!  No one should ever have a stylish sectional that you can’t sit on because the thing is so uncomfortable. When you choose a custom sectional, you can make this piece whatever it is you are looking for!

As a special service Showhome Furniture is offering free design consults at your home. We want you to be happy and satisfied for years to come. Your room can be filled with the sectional that you have been dreaming about. 

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