Modern Dining Tables: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Centerpiece for Your Dining Space
Modern Dining Tables: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Centerpiece for Your Dining Space

September 15 2023

Modern Dining Tables: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Centerpiece for Your Dining Space

The dining table is the focal point of any kitchen or dining area, offering a place for families to gather, share meals, and make priceless memories. Modern dining tables combine form and function to provide a beautiful and useful centerpiece for your eating area. Choosing the ideal modern dining table can be difficult with so many alternatives available.

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We will examine the important aspects to take into account while selecting a modern dining table in this post, ranging from materials and size to aesthetic and usefulness.

Material and Finish

Modern dining tables come in a wide range of styles and price points at a Calgary furniture store. An attractive and functional area for hosting guests or spending quality time with the family can be created by investing in high-quality modern dining tables.

The choice of material and finish plays a significant role in determining the overall aesthetic and durability of your modern dining table:


Wood is a classic and timeless material for dining tables, offering warmth and natural beauty. Popular options include oak, walnut, and maple, which can be finished in a variety of stains or left natural to showcase their unique grain patterns.


Glass dining tables provide a sleek and modern appearance, creating an illusion of spaciousness and allowing light to flow through the room. Tempered glass is a durable and safe option for dining tables, resisting scratches and heat.


Metal dining tables, such as stainless steel or aluminum, offer an industrial and contemporary look. They are durable, easy to maintain, and can be paired with various materials for a unique design.


Composite materials, such as engineered wood or concrete, provide a modern and versatile option for dining tables, with the added benefit of being more affordable than natural materials.

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Size and Shape

It's crucial to think about the size and shape that would work best in your room when choosing modern dining tables

Consider the size and shape of your dining table based on the available space and seating requirements:


Rectangular dining tables are a popular choice for their versatility and ability to accommodate larger groups. They work well in both traditional and modern dining spaces.


Round dining tables create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for smaller dining spaces or rooms with limited square footage.


Square dining tables offer a balanced and symmetrical design, ideal for smaller dining rooms or as an alternative to round tables.


Extendable dining tables provide flexibility, allowing you to adjust the size of your table to accommodate additional guests when needed.

The sizes and shapes available in a furniture store in Calgary range from round to rectangular and everything in between. To make sure you buy a table that meets your demands, it's crucial to take into account both the size of your space and the number of guests you'll need to routinely seat.

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Style and Design

Modern dining tables come in a wide range of styles and designs, allowing you to find the perfect centerpiece for your dining space:


Minimalist dining tables feature clean lines, simple shapes, and a lack of ornamentation, making them a versatile option for contemporary spaces.


Industrial-style dining tables often combine metal and wood materials, showcasing raw and unfinished surfaces for a rugged and edgy appearance.


Scandinavian-inspired dining tables emphasize simplicity, functionality, and natural materials, resulting in a warm and inviting design.


Statement dining tables feature bold design elements, such as unique shapes, materials, or finishes, making them the focal point of your dining space.

From traditional to modern and everything in between, dining table styles and designs are widely available in Calgary furniture stores. It's crucial to take into account both your own personal style and the overall look and feel of your dining area when selecting Calgary dining tables.

Functionality and Practicality

When choosing a modern dining table, consider the functionality and practicality of the design:

Seating Capacity

Ensure your dining table can comfortably accommodate your family and any additional guests you may host.

Leg Room

Pay attention to the table's leg design and placement, ensuring there is adequate legroom for all diners.

Ease of Cleaning

Select a dining table with a surface that is easy to clean and maintain, particularly if you have young children or frequently entertain guests.

Choosing perfect modern dining tables involves careful consideration of factors such as material, size, style, and functionality. By assessing your dining space's dimensions, your personal preferences, and the needs of your family, you can find a dining table that serves as the perfect centerpiece for your dining area. Keep in mind that the dining table is not only a place for sharing meals but also a reflection of your personal style and an essential component of your home's overall design.

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Our Top FAQ

What factors should I consider when choosing a modern dining table for my home?

When choosing modern dining tables, consider factors such as the material and finish, size and shape, style and design, and functionality and practicality. Evaluate the available space, seating requirements, and personal preferences to find the perfect table for your dining area. Additionally, consider coordinating your dining table with other furniture pieces and decorative elements to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

How do I determine the right size for my modern dining table?

To determine the right size for your dining table, measure your dining space and consider the number of people you typically host. Allow at least 36 inches of clearance between the table and surrounding walls or furniture to ensure comfortable movement. Also, consider the width of the table; at least 30 inches is recommended to accommodate place settings and serving dishes.

Can I mix and match different chair styles with my modern dining table?

Yes, mixing and matching different chair styles with your modern dining table can create a unique and personalized look. Choose chairs that complement the table's design and color, and ensure they fit comfortably under the table with adequate legroom. You can experiment with different materials, colors, and styles to achieve a distinctive and eclectic dining space.

How do I care for and maintain my modern dining table?

Caring for and maintaining your modern dining table depends on the material and finish. For wood tables, use a damp cloth to clean spills and dust, and avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the finish. Glass tables can be cleaned with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Metal and composite tables can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild detergent. To protect your table from scratches and damage, use placemats, coasters, and table pads.

How can I incorporate a modern dining table into a small dining space?

To incorporate a modern dining table into a small dining space, opt for a round or square table that maximizes seating capacity while minimizing the table's footprint. Glass tables can create an illusion of spaciousness by allowing light to pass through. Extendable tables provide flexibility, allowing you to adjust the table size when needed. Additionally, consider wall-mounted or foldable tables that can be stowed away when not in use to save space.


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